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To the seminar Swedish/finnish performer and researcher will bring her installation SWINGING. Combining video-footage, a large tree and an old fashioned swing she invites you, the audience, to share the motion of swinging as the night falls in Munkemose. Being not only an artist but also an experienced researcher and pedagogue she will also explain the theory behind her works.

Annette Arlander is a Helsinki-based artist, researcher and a pedagogue, one of the pioneers of Finnish performance art and a trailblazer of artistic research. She graduated as a director from Theatre Academy in 1981 and as Doctor of Art in 1999. Arlander was Professor of Performance Art and Theory at Theatre Academy 2001–13, Professor of Artistic Research 2015-16 at University of the Arts Helsinki and visiting professor at Stockholm University of the Arts. Her art work focuses on performing (in, with, through) landscape by means of video or recorded voice, in the border zone between performance art, video and environmental art. 

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